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Wounded Winter: A Lakota Story is a free action / shooter western game with a beautiful low poly graphic.


The hero of the story is called Akecheta, who is a Lakota(Native American). The Akecheta tribe is attacked and its people are killed while he is hunting. The attackers also took Akecheta's wife with them. Akecheta embarks on a perilous journey to bring his wife back and avenge the murderers of his tribe.

Game Features

  • Beautiful low poly style graphic
  • Strong native American protagonist
  • Fun and exciting action/shooter gameplay
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • For fans of western and action games

If you like this game we have another game similar to this with low poly graphic and stealth and platformer gameplay, You can download it from here:


Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Low-poly, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich, Third Person, Western
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


WoundedWinter.rar 87 MB
Version 1 Sep 09, 2021

Install instructions

Unrar and run the executable file.


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Awesome game, a bit short in my opinion, but awesome nonetheless. Interesting shooting mechanic. My only problem was with the camera being sometimes obstructed by the character.

I just found a pretty huge glitch. When being at the start, if you stand at the boat and face directly away from the river there is a tree aside the cliffs in the leftmost corner of the cliffs. If you jump between the tree and the cliffs and walk against the cliffs you will be able to get up the cliffs until you can stand properly. If you then walk towards the river (still on the cliffs) you can walk around the invisible barriers of the map, so that you can walk on the cliffs around the whole map, very interesting point of view from up there :)

Also when playing without a mouse on a mac without a mouse you cant aim and shoot at the same time since aiming requires a two finger click. Perhaps you can add a controls setting where you could switch your aim to "SHIFT" or something...

Good luck on developing the game!

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Very good game.

But if I had to give constructive criticism it'd be about the story. The story is kinda too bland& too simple.

It'd also be good if it had mentioned how Native American religious rituals were banned by law in USA due to religious bigotry.

Also, for using rendered images for story, I think it's smart. Making animations for story would be really hard, but posing the models & taking renders/screens is easy. Instead of not having a story, you came up with a simple, but clever method that's not normally used in high budget games. Really cool!

JGab Gameplay


Wow r u like a profishinal video game maker 

1 more thing: what .rar unzipper do u reccomed 


Nice ty 

where can I get winrar 



7-zip & PeaZip are free & open source unlike Winrar.

hey hammergames do u make any other games 


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For seeing all games made by a dev you can click `View all by hammergames(dev name)` on the top right of the screen or you can just delete the game name in the URL to get the dev's URL page.




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Thank you.

Honestly this was a pretty decent game! Controls were very smooth and it didn't require a tutorial! Writing was a little bland and felt like it was translated. Overall though, excellent project!

Thank you for feedback.

Enjoyable :)

thank you.

How to open it??

Use winerar in order to unzip .rar file

Can't download it.  It isn't a zip file.

It is a rar file and need winrar.


Thank you.

Roses are red,
She is random ,
I just played this game,
and it was awesome (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Bravo! Nice!

Thank you.

really fun

Thank you.


Unity engine.

Me gusto el juego, la estética esta super bien echa, pero falta pulirlo mucho en lo que es las cinemáticas y el titulo, pero aun así esta muy bien echo.



Thank you.

I loved it! Kinda regreting I read the controls after finishing the game and discovering I can roll 🤣

Thank you.


The art style in this game is absolutely breathtaking. Walking up to the burning camp was surreal. Beautiful color choices, and the landscape scales well - really makes the player feel like they are in the mountains of the Old West. The story is perfect of the "Zen" style gameplay - not too deep, but interesting. Whoever wrote the music should be making tracks for AAA titles; fit perfectly for the mood.

10/10, one of the best indie games I have ever played!

Thank you.

This game was definitely fun to play

Thank you.

Download didn't work for me, might have been issue with my computer though. 

If your problem not resolved you can play it online here:


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Thank you, but I found that the problem is because I am using a windows PC. It is quite old and I am planning on getting a new one when I can.  Probably the issue is that I cannot run windows 10. 

Thank you for the Gameflare link. I am enjoying the game very much. It is very well developed and probably took a lot of time to make.

Thank you for playing .

can u make this a apk game.

Thank you for your interest. Maybe in future I make an apk version of it but for now I have not experience and interest for develop on mobile.

Absolutely amazing game, with a great message at the end.

Thank you.

Hello, we played your games recently in 1scGames and we really liked them. would you be interested in publishing a game on our newly made launcher DigitaLl?

Hello, Yes .

Alright could you contact me on my discord and I'll explain everything you need to know there I'll need few things too so my team can publish it on the launcher (It will take up to 24h for a game to be published on the launcher and updates are automatically published in a matter of seconds) My discord: Michał Koseda#4044


I don't use discord. If possible email me at : hammergames@mail.com

alright thanks, sent you an email 


Thank you.

It was a lot of fun. Story, Sound, Style.

Thank you.

O jogo e muito bom mas poderia ser um pouco mais longo


Nice work dude! I really enjoyed playing your game.

Thank you.

I absolutely loved this! I'm a big fan of low-poly style and the combination of that and the harsh story was really well done!!

Thank you.

Cool Game! Love the low poly art style :)

In the end, I got a key bug and couldn't pick it up but other than that it is pretty awesome :)


Really great work guys!  Keep it up!  Though I'd love a mouse sensitivity option too...

Thank you.

Hi! I really enjoyed the game! The only thing I was missing was a mouse sensitivity scroll. Other than that: magnificent work!

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Thank you.

Great game!

Thank you.

Really cool. It looks aesthetically pleasing and it was fun. Everything was smooth and I didn't see any bugs in my playthrough. Keep it up!

Thank you.

An interesting game. The story is good. Loved the design and the music. We had a lot of fun testing it.

Thank you.

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