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speed run

Speedruns Of TriDN


Retro Consoles Online

WOW , man loved this game keep up the good work


Thank you.


Bang4BuckPC Gamer channel

great game>

Noveria channel.

JM TM Channel

Excelente game! Cool graphics, playability and with a strong message.


Thank you.

Sad and sad

Thank you for video.

Can someone plz tell me if this game works with controllers? 

No sorry.

Nice game

Thank you.

Muito obrigado por envia o game para min conduzir os teste.


GAME IS FREAKING EPIC thank you so much for reaching out to me, I do wish I could figure out a certain complex puzzle I didnt have the time, but I did enjoy some of the main mechanics, graphics and all were AMAZING!

Thank you so much.


Great game made a four part series with it here is part 1.

This was the first time a developer contacted me and asked me to play and review their game, so it was an honor to be included among the many who you contacted. The game feels a bit raw, and still needs some development, but I had a great time playing, especially when it went into Tomb Raider mode. Check out my playthough below, and I hope you are able to make good use of the review I gave at the end. Thank you for making this, and I hope to see more from you in the future! :)

Thank you for video and feedback.

Thank you Hammer Games for the suggestion to play this game! Below is my let's play of this first chapter. Definitely has it's ups and downs, but all in all not a terrible game. Watch the video below for my more in-depth feedback!

Thank you for video.

I finally got to play! I really enjoyed the game, thanks for asking me to play! I had some criticism in the beginning, but toward the end I had real good words for the game. It has its quirks but the game is truly amazing! 

Thank you.

thank you,
enjoyed the story.

a button for walking would be good, died alot while jumping.

Thank you for playing.


Hey there! Thanks for sending the email about your game!

I made a gameplay video about this, but what makes my gameplay different than the others? I provided some STGOs or something to grow on for your next release.

I really hope you take constructive criticism that I gave into consideration. (Found in the end of the video, but I think you should watch my gameplay first!)

Why did I give constructive criticism?

I respect all your work, and all the things developers do. This is simply things you can bring into the future. I wouldn't be doing this if something was missing.

It was a beautiful game. You should fix the framerate issues, and the stale gameplay. Most of the gameplay was redundant. You could say the story is cliche. Branch out a little. More notes are in the end of my video!

*This is not a way to hate on the game nor the developer. This is simply something to give insight and to improve any upcoming releases :D

Thank you for video. Your review is honest and fair.


Hello and welcome.


Im Vietnamese lol

Chào mừng . you are welcome. We hope you enjoy our game. Please introduce this game to other people in your country. We are eager to have feedback from Vietnamese.

ok but i think you spelled thank you wrong

its cảm ơn.

but ok i will share this sweet game to my friends.


So this game is by far one of the best, if not the best, game i have played yet from the indie community.  Like others have said the dialogue can be pretty repetitive and the controlls can feel a bit wonky at times, but all in all it is an amazing game.  Cant wait for the next episode!

Thank you for kind words and your video.

Part 2

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Thank you so much.Your video is so cool.

Congratulations! The game looks fantastic, keep up the good work :)

Thank you.

how long is this chapter?

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It's about 45 minutes.

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Thanks for playing.

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Thanks Hammergames studio.  :-)

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