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About  The Game
 A series of games produced by Hammer Games Studio, "In The Name Of Freedom" is a video game on ordinary lives affected by war and destructive conflicts through history around the globe.  The Studio has recently decided to release the first episode free of charge in order for the next episodes to be known to the public eye.

About the Story
Being the sole character through the game, Anna works as a journalist in the US whose husband, an American soldier, disappears at the Vietnam War.  At the request of her chief executive officer, she goes on a mission to the war zone, hoping to, both, find a clue of her husband and send reports to her employer.

Game Features
•    Beautiful and atmospheric graphic made in Unreal Engine 4
•    Strong female protagonist
•    Fun and exciting platformer gameplay
•    Easy to pick up and play
•    Noncombat character
•    For fans of Tomb Raider and Uncharted games
•    Suitable for both female and male players

Unzip and run the executable file.

WASD: Movement
Space: Jump
C: Roll
Esc: Menu

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So this game is by far one of the best, if not the best, game i have played yet from the indie community.  Like others have said the dialogue can be pretty repetitive and the controlls can feel a bit wonky at times, but all in all it is an amazing game.  Cant wait for the next episode!

Thank you for kind words and your video.

Holy shit!! Can't believe that this experience is free to play! So well done!
My only complain is the dialogue, the controls and and lack of playing with a controller.
Other than that amazing! Can't wait for episode 2

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thank you so much.Your video is so cool.

Congratulations! The game looks fantastic, keep up the good work :)

Thank you.

how long is this chapter?

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It's about one hour and a half.

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Very beautiful game.

Thanks for playing.

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How many staff did you work to make this game?

great game .

one of best free game ever made.


Hammer Games Studio is an independent video game design company founded
and incorporated in 2015.

please visit our website at www.hammergames.co for for information.

Thanks for playing.

Thanks Hammergames studio.  :-)

wow...fantastic.I can't believe it's free game.

Thanks developers!

Thanks for playing.

Please visit our website at www.hammergames.co for next games.